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Enrichment Days

We can offer a huge range of woodland and wood based props to provide focal points for enrichment and specialist workshop days. Do you need a classroom transformed into a woodland, or an outside area made into a Teepee village? We have done both very successfully and have a vast amount of experience in this field. We can also provide passionate and dedicated staff to support Teachers during a specialist event.


We can provide advice and support for a range of enrichment days within school. Woodcraft, Literacy, Gifted & Talented (Academically More Able), Natural crafting, Art, Maths, Science, History, Geography.


We are able to tailor and run a day for you, or support your staff. This can be arranged at your site, or ours.

Woodland Art Club

We offer and run weekly Woodland Art After School Clubs. These can be run regularly outside as well as in the classroom, we utilise natural materials to make wooden sculptures, artwork, collages and designs. Every week the children make something natural that they can keep and treasure. We work with a range of local schools to deliver Woodland Art clubs.

 “Inspire awe and wonder, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands on learning experiences with natural materials in a complementary extension of classroom learning”

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Out Of Our Tree Forest School Community Interest Company

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